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Welcome to
Martin Framson's

WESL Website
Martin Framson's Editing Thailand Express
The aim of this website is to help you present your thoughts and arguments in a clear and logical manner. This is especially beneficial for anyone who has never taken a writing course overseas or who has never had formal training.

Welcome to my WESL - Writing English as a Second Language website. In my 25 years of editing at various securities research brokers, I have identified a number of weaknesses among Thai writers. The problem is that Thai schools and universities offer no formal writing courses for students. In contrast, schools in America and other native-speaking countries teach students the elements of writing, grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction from elementary school right up to university.

The tips that I provide here are intended to provide you a shortcut to the key elements of writing, such as the use of Subject-Verb-Object, the recommended length of a sentence, and the presentation ideas based on the “inverted pyramid” technique.